Are you looking for someone who shoots with intention? Someone who will cheer you on? Fluff your dress if it needs fluffing? You've came to the right place. I pride myself in being your biggest fan. You can learn more about my connection to the camera below


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T. Harris Imagery is a product of purposeful prayer. As a child I (Trevor Harris) was introduced to a camera (a Fisher Price toy one that said “Say Cheese”) at the age of one so it's no surprise I'm now addicted to a shutter. I grew up with disposable cameras tagging along on every trip and occasion. It didn't matter if it was a trip to the zoo or a family social. If you saw me I had a camera. I still find myself being nostalgic and revisiting those photos and enjoying the hindsight journey to where I am now. Getting here wasn't that simple though. Fast forward to college and things got a little cray cray. Little backstory. So in highschool I received a scholarship to play collegiate tennis. I was elated to have this opportunity. I packed my bags as fast as I could and off to the East Tennessee Mountains I went to a little quaint Nascar town called Bristol. Life has a funny way of coming full circle though. Things in Bristol didn't work out. I found myself after two years back home and feeling lost. I was still pursuing my bachelors degree and nothing seemed to click. Trust me when I say I tried every major known to man. I did. From social work to art, I tried it. I finally fell in love with Communications and that's when the magic happened. I loved how versatile the major was and how applicable it could be to me as a mini-entrepreneur. But none of that has anything to do with how the camera got back into my hands. So let's get back to that. I was visiting a friend at the salon she was working at when the lady in the chair started talking about how badly she wanted family pictures done. Her name was Veronica, she was battling cancer, and her desire for portraits and God's timing are the reason you are here today. Not known at the time, this session would leave a lasting impression on me and keep me going over the years. She definitely was heaven sent before she left to go back home to be with God. I was in a place in life where I needed an outlet. But it turned into a purpose. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with photography. From private lessons to all nighters watching youtube tutorials, countless hours practice shooting, and there is still more to learn. I would love for you to be a part of my journey. I’ve been shooting for 5 years as of August and the journey has been just that, a journey. I’ve shot everything from babies to dogs, but my favorite things to document are portraits of people who want to capture the special moments of life from weddings to maternity and family sessions. I would be honored to be a part of your journey in life as well. Let me be your hype man and cheerleader on all your special occasions as well. Lets connect.